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Eric Lugosh: The Guitar of... - Videolezioni in Inglese

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Eric Lugosh: The Guitar of... - Videolezioni in Inglese

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Eric Lugosh: The Guitar of... - Videolezioni in Inglese

Lesson 1: This is the first lesson, after this lesson you can tune your guitar in standard mode and Drop  "D" and play your first pattern.

Lesson 2: Tunes: The Cuckoo (traditional), Hammeron and Pulloff, Play the melody with the thumb.

Lesson 3: Tunes: Hank Williams Famous Waltz: I'm so lomesone I could cry. Pattern picking and interesting chord changes and substitutions.

Lesson 4: Tunes: In My Life (the famous piano interlude by George Martin). This is a study for peddle note in the bass and economy of motions of two hands also a particle guide to using a metronome.

Lesson 5: Tune: Living in the country (Pete Seeger famous instrumental classic). A study in common fingerpicking patterns.

Lesson 6:  Tune : 8th of Jannuary (An american traditional tune with some new ideas diatonic bass line and arranging songs for the guitar).

Lesson 7: Tune: Standing on the outside (Leo and Mary Kottke original song) Some interesting ideas on teaching a simple chord pattern and adding embellishments.

Lesson 8: Tune: Windego (an exciting song using a right hand technique called brush picking).

Lesson 9:  Buck Dancer's choice (A classic american folk song that introduces the "F" wrap around chord and playing Hammerons and Pulloffs at same time as playing a bass notes with the thumb.

Lesson 10: Tune: It's not true (A student version of Mery Van Dusers  1949 song).

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